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Number of Stars: 112

How does it work?


Step 1 – Hope is on the way
Fill out the confidential form below letting us know a little bit about your friend/family in need of HOPE. Once your nomination is accepted, we’ll send you Halle’s Stars (about 20 two-inch colored plastic stars, matching Halle’s hand-drawn stars).

Step 2 –  Hope is spread
You’ll get creative and decide the best place to sprinkle Halle’s Stars to surprise your Recipient of Hope  (doorstep, office desk, car dashboard … anywhere!). Among the stars, will be a message promising: Hope is Coming.

Step 3 – Hope has arrived!
You’ll let us know Halle’s Stars have been delivered, and within 48 hours we send our Gift of Hope. This gift is specifically designed to meet the recipient’s needs (thanks to your input!), and packages are sent anonymously on behalf of the requester. Our Gift of Hope will promise: Hope is Here.

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Fill out the form below to request a Gift of Hope (all requests and recipients are held strictly confidential)

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